Open Hole Net ® 


The Open Hole Net ®

The Open Hole Net ® is an integral system of specially designed magnets which catch and hold metallic objects that fall into the wellbore and provide quick and easy access to remove them. The Open Hole Net ® is installed on top of the annular preventer. 

The Open Hole Net ® is designed for four sizes:

  • 8-1/2” internal diameter  for 7 1/16” bore BOP systems

  • 12” internal diameter for 11” bore BOP systems

  • 15” internal diameter for 13 5/8” bore BOP systems

  • 18-3/4” internal diameter for 18 3/4” bore BOP systemsr for 18 3/4” bore BOP systems

Dropped Object Testing

The Open Hole Net ® has been successfully tested on a range of metallic dropped objects, from small washers and wrenches, to chains and pipes. The heaviest object caught to-date is a 36”, 18 pound pipe wrench.

Catches SWARF

Metal Shavings

As an additional benefit, the Open Hole Net ® also catches metal that is being transported out of the wellbore in the circulating fluid.


The Open Hole Net ® is installed located below the rig bell nipple and above the annular BOP. Once in place, the Open Hole Net ® will protect the well bore 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, without the need for man power to operate it or an external power source to ensure it functions. So you will have peace of mind that your wellbore is fully protected all the time.


The Open Hole ® Net is designed for inclusion on all rigs (drilling, completion, and workover), including deepwater riser systems. As such, any well, on any rig operation, that has a blowout preventer will benefit from an Open Hole Net ®.

Dropped Object Protection