is a growing oilfield services company founded on the premise of developing magnetic solutions to better serve the oil and gas industry.

Driven by oilfield demand, 5D Oilfield Magnetics was originally borne from a desire to solve an ongoing problem in the oilfield – “how can I prevent dropped objects from falling down a wellbore?”

Using our experience in the field, as well as our understanding of magnetics, we developed the Open Hole Net™ to catch dropped objects. However, the more we meet with our customers to discuss our technology, the clearer it becomes that our magnetics could also be modified for other areas of the oilfield.

It is this innovation, our technical knowledge and the desire to meet our customer’s demands as effectively as possible, that is key to our business. We want to continue developing magnetic technology that helps the oilfield solve real, tangible problems. 
Mark DeRouen SR, President

About Us

Mark DeRouen is the founder and President of 5D Oilfield Magnetics.

A drilling engineer with 33 years of experience in drilling and completion operations, Mark has worked on a variety of domestic and international projects, including early offshore deepwater drilling, high-pressure and high temperature drilling, completion operations and platform rigs and jack ups.

Mark started his career with Atlantic Richfield Company in 1980 as a drilling and completion engineer. He then moved into a management role at Schlumberger, where the team he assembled was the first to successfully drill an Gulf of Mexico offshore well as a sidetrack with coil tubing.

Since then Mark has gained a wealth of executive experience by working for Schlumberger as a Country Operations Manager on an ExxonMobil project in Chad, Africa. Prior to 5D Oilfield Magnetics, he also founded another successful company, 5D Consulting, LLC, which specialized in coiled tubing drilling and CTD projects, including drilling in the Marcellus formation in the Northeast USA. His latest venture, 5D Oilfield Magnetics, specializes in the engineering and application of magnetism to the oilfield.

Mark holds two US registered patent; the forerunner for the brushes, which are still used in wellbore cleaning today. His role at 5D Oilfield Magnetics includes developing new ways to introduce magnetics into the oilfield as well as managing the strategic development of the business as a whole.

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